Release 18.01.2019

Release 18.01.2019


- Workspaces with checked-out pages can be synchronized so that the CM365 delivers the pages correctly.
- Templates with incorrect "ManageSync Ribbon Button" must be saved again.
- The service account should always require the authorization level "SharePoint Administrator". Since the Teams API is still in BETA, we cannot exclude that a service account with the permission level "Global Administrator" is needed after all.


- New Icons for Ribbon Buttons
- [Classic Sites] Provisioning of the "Notebook" feature 


- Improvements to the implementation of Log via Azure Log Analytics
- CM365 Ribbon Buttons cannot be opened
- [Classic Sites] aspx pages are provisioned as "checked out"
- [Classic Sites] The ManageSync Ribbon button on template level does not work
- [Classic Sites] Taxonomy fields contain no values after provisioning
- [SharePoint Modern Layout] Sync Workspace and Save Template Buttons do not redirect to SharePoint
- [Modern Sites] Provisioned permission groups are not visible under "_layouts/15/user.aspx
- [Modern Sites] The setting "Private" is not taken into account.
- [Communication Sites] The creator of a Communication Site template does not have access to the page
- [Microsoft Teams] The provisioning of teams only works if the service account has the "Global Administrator" permission level.
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